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FinishLynx timing systems can capture high-speed photo-finishes at up to 10,000 frames per second, with accuracy to 0.0001. All photo finish images are time-stamped so you can evaluate athletes with accuracy, no matter how close the finish. The power and precision of FinishLynx has made it the gold standard for track and field results for 20+ years.

Capture High-Speed Images

FinishLynx results are accurate to 1/1000th of a second and can integrate with video for quick evaluation.

Produce Certified Results

Produce certified results with photo-finish technology that is trusted by Olympic venues and organizations like the IAAF, USATF, & NFHS.

Easy FAT Capture

Producing photo-finish results is easy with FinishLynx.  Capture and evaluate finish times from your computer with the click of a mouse.

Integrate Accessories

Integrate other results hardware with FinshLynx, including scoreboards, wind gauges, false start systems, and much more.

We understand that your timing needs will vary.  We offer a variety of packages and accessories to meet the needs of any size program - from small track clubs to high schools and colleges. Our experienced sales staff can help you build a custom photo finish timing system to meet the needs of your venue and budget.  Submit a contact form to request prices and more information.

Black Squirrel Timing provides FREE on-site training and ongoing support for all new FinishLynx users.

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